What do we at IPM Europe believe in?

We create individual solutions for our clients, within which we develop a modern, intelligent and maximally flawless means of exterminating pests.

At IPM Europe, we focus on offering customers the very best in pest control. Our story began in 2002, when we developed the first computer program for pest control. In 2005 we created a mobile application for Nokia brand telephones, and in 2009 we started using the first remote sensors at monitoring stations.

A major breakthrough occurred in 2014, with the first installation at a food production plant and the launch of exports of our technology around the world. We started operating in the Czech Republic in 2017 and installations for the first Czech clients began in the same year.

In May 2019, we officially launched a new company in the Czech Republic with our foreign partners. It is called IPM Europe and our joint objective is to expand the integrated digital pest control system throughout the Czech Republic and Europe. The clients we work for are already working hard to prepare for a time when digitalisation becomes the common standard. Thanks to the long-term development and reliability of our systems, we offer them effective pest control solutions.

A novelty at IPM Europe is the launch of NB-IoT technology, this being the expanded standard for Internet of Things. This technology offers a range of innovations and will make our products even more approachable for customers.

00 %
of the time for pest control
takes up pest extermination

00 %
of the time employees spend
during pest control checking empty traps

Our technology saves money.

The IPM system ensures non-stop monitoring of your facilities and alerts the technician instantly. This means an end to patrolling empty traps and offers a perfect overview of pest activity at your facilities.

A system for the whole world

When pests meet the future

Our partners in Europe

Our vision, Our Approach

Everything we do is thought through to the finest detail.

Everything from the first design to finalising the order. We have one main objective: To prepare our partners for a time when digital pest control becomes the common standard.

We have solution tailored to you

„We are sure that once you start working with the system, you will see the simplicity, wisdom and efficacy which speak for themselves.“

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