Shopping centres are buildings with particularly complex constructions, and most of them house a supermarket and range of restaurants. This combination offers ideal conditions for the incidence and reproduction of rodents. The IPM system serves to provide a high degree of protection.

IPM system units distributed in key locations ensure non-stop surveillance 24 hours a day. Thanks to cameras and artificial intelligence, you can be informed instantaneously about the incidence of pests, even in inaccessible or unused areas.

Solutions for shopping centres

00 %
of the time for pest control
takes up pest extermination

00 %
of the time employees spend
during pest control checking empty traps

Our technology saves money.

The IPM system ensures non-stop monitoring of your facilities and alerts the technician instantly. This means an end to patrolling empty traps and offers a perfect overview of pest activity at your facilities.

A system for the whole world

When pests meet the future

Our partners in Europe

Our vision, Our Approach

Everything we do is thought through to the finest detail.

Everything from the first design to finalising the order. We have one main objective: To prepare our partners for a time when digital pest control becomes the common standard.

We have solution tailored to you

„We are sure that once you start working with the system, you will see the simplicity, wisdom and efficacy which speak for themselves.“

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